Top 10 Best Air Compressor For Garage 2021

Best Air Compressors For Garage

Best Air Compressor For Garage

Garage maintenance wouldn’t be complete without the best air compressor for garage use. So no matter how big or small your garage is, you NEED this power tool.

And if you don’t think of the best air compressor for a garage as a necessity then you should after reading ahead because it’ll turn into one before you realize it. But what’s the use?

Well, just like a garage is used for multiple objectives, the best air compressor for a garage should also be fit for many jobs centered around your garage. That’s exactly what you’ll see here.

So from proving super helpful in multiple jobs like painting, drilling, inflating your car’s tires, this unit is an all-rounder. You can count on it to support all your other garage tools as well.

If we go in much more simplicity over the components of the best air compressor for home garage, it would consist of an air-filled cylinder along with a piston.

This setup can provide different air pressure for different tools in your garage. However, the most important and useful application for this has to be for inflating purposes.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with all the choices out there. That’s because we’ve picked out 10 of the best air compressors for garage use for you!

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your garage from our list.

Our Top 10 Picks For The Best Air Compressors For Garage 2021

1- Porter-Cable Pancake, 6 Gallon Air Compressor

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor, 6-Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free (C2002)

Do you want to know which air compressor is best for the garage? Don’t worry we’re here to help. The versatility and usefulness of this air compressor are unbeatable. It will help you in all the nitty-gritty tasks and make life easier than EVER.

Portable Cable is the best portable air compressor for a home garage due to its compact size. Why do we say that? Because the 150 PSI tank has enough capacity to store large amounts of air in comparison to other products.

Not only that, but the thoughtful pancake design reinforces stability and increases its efficient use. Adding a cherry on top is its rubber feet which aid in protecting your flooring to keep it scratch-free.

Thus, it is the best small air compressor for the garage. Moreover, it has a power generating motor that provides great performance and remains cooler while you work.

The unit is capable of working at 120 volts even in harsh winter weather. And thus, provides maximum performance. Additionally, the fuel-free function will not only make it environmentally friendly but hassle-free too.

Apart from that, it comes with an extension cord, replaceable brushes, and all essential parts well-protected to ease use and maintenance.



  • Six Gallon Tank
  • Two Air couplers
  • Loud
  • Doesn’t hold pressure


2- Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Are you a garage mechanic or an avid car enthusiast? Consider getting the best air compressor for car tires to up your game! Makita’s MAC2400 is the best type of air compressor for both professional and home garage use.

Why? Because it maintains ideal performance on usual household circuits even at the low amp and prevents overloading of the circuit.

Moreover, it is equipped with 4.2 twin gallon tanks and a 2.5 HP cast iron big bore pump. Hence pressure is maintained and as a result, you get a comfortable-less noisy working environment. Not only that, it can provide sufficient energy for two air couplers.

Even though it has heat overload protective mechanics, the pump still requires oil. Thus, it will help in keeping the temperature of the unit cooler and saves it from damage enhancing its durability.

Apart from that, you can also use it for DIY auto repairs from changing PCV valve to fuel filters. Thanks to its small size and lightweight. Indeed, it is the best portable air compressor for a home garage due to its compact size.

Furthermore, it has an industrial variety filter for increased air suction and ball valves for easy drainage. Hence, it helps with efficient work.

Pros Cons
  • Copper finned tube for heat release
  • Low maintenance
  • Oil sight glass
  • Weak
  • Messy


3- BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012)

Bostitch’s air compressor would hold immense significance in your life if you have a garage workshop for woodworking. Therefore, getting the best portable air compressor for the home garage is a MUST!

The frequent need to use nail guns can get expensive if you use batteries. And, sadly they run out quickly as well. Therefore, using a pneumatic nail gun with the best size air compressor for home garage use would save time and cost both!

Thus, it is the best garage air compressor for the money too. In addition to that, the 6 Gallon tank paired with the robust induction motor would store a large amount of air. On the other hand, it will provide a longer run time too.

Apart from that, it is capable of working just fine even at low temperatures. And for your convenience, it comes with an extension cost too. Isn’t that great!?

Well, that’s not it. It has high flux regulators and couplers to provide optimal performance as well.

Nonetheless, it has almost zero maintenance as it has an oil-free operation. Thus, you no longer need the best oil for the air compressor placed in your garage.



  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Great Price
  • Loud


4- California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Air Compressor, 2 HP

California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor, 2 HP

What is the best air compressor for garage use, you might ask? Well, you are in luck because we have the California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Air Compressor. It is a strong contender for the best air compressor for the garage. Let’s find out why.

First, we have the Ultra Quiet feature. This property allows the compressor to operate without making any unpleasant noise. You can comfortably work without being disturbed since the noise level is just 70 dB.

Next, we have the wheel kit. The wheels allow you to move the unit around the garage and place it wherever you want to.

Moreover, it delivers 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI. What does this mean? Simply put, this device provides high delivery for its size, making it one of the best air compressors for garage use.

Furthermore, we have a safety valve. You can use it to release air from the compressor in case it is over pressurized.

Lastly, the compressor has a long, slender shape which means it takes up less space wherever you place it inside the garage.



  • Sturdy design
  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very expensive
  • Leaky


5- Craftsman Air Compressor

Craftsman Air Compressor, 3 Gallon 1.5 HP Max 155 Psi Pressure Oil-Free Portable, Red- CMXECXA0200341

Are you looking for an air compressor that is effective yet easy on your pockets? Then look no further than the Craftsman Air Compressor that is the best small air compressor for a garage.

Firstly, this air compressor is portable. You can carry it around the garage without even feeling its weight! This feature makes it one of the best portable air compressors for garage use.

Next, we have a maximum PSI of 155. It allows you to rapidly complete tasks such as inflating tires and filling up air tools.

Moreover, we have the outlet pressure gauge. You can read off the meter and monitor the status of the gas inside the compressor.

Lastly, this air compressor is oil-free. This property makes it easy to maintain the device, hence, saves your money. Therefore, we can say it is one of the best garage air compressors for the money.



  • Worth the price
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Loud
  • Runs out quickly


6- Freeman PE20V1GCK Oil-free Air compressor Kit

Freeman PE20V1GCK 1 Gallon 20 Volt MAX Cordless 1/3 HP Portable Electric Oil-Free Air Compressor Kit with Rechargeable 4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Quick Charger

Have you been in search of an air compressor you can easily carry in the car? This is the best portable air compressor for a Garage that solves all your inflation problems. It has a chargeable battery that gives remarkable power.

This means it drives up to 700 brad nails per charge.

The motor is an oil-free ⅓ HP electric motor that saves you money on maintenance. Moreover, the tank is compact and lightweight again featuring portability. It has a one-gallon capacity.

It also has two easy-to-read gauges, they are for monitoring tank pressure and output air pressure. To further help with work both indoors and outdoor there is an easy-to-push handle.

Moreover, for inflating the tires with accuracy and consistency, the best air compressor kit contains a locking pressure regulator. It gives with best results!

Freeman’s oil-free air compressor is indeed the best air compressor for garages as it is affordable with useful features.



  • Portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Padded handle for use
  • Doesn’t sell replacement batteries.


7- California Air Tools Ultra Quiet Tankless

California Air Tools 10TL Ultra Quiet Tankless Air Compressor

Have you been looking for the best air compressor for your Garage? Do you want to inflate tires, balloons, balls, and beds without any trouble? California’s Air Tool is the best small air compressor.

A good reason for this is that It weighs just 25 pounds and is super easy to operate.

On top of that, the power it offers is excellent for its size, which is 1 HP (rated/running) 2 HP (at peak motor). Furthermore, all of this power is controlled through a foot pedal keeping your hands free.

The main feature that makes it the best air compressor for a Garage is the fact that it is ultra-quiet. The unit makes only the sound of 65 decibels.

Since its oil-free, the maintenance cost for this air compressor decreases. You can use it for up to 3000 hours and then see if it needs a touchup.

I guarantee that you can not get a better small-sized air compressor on a minimal budget. Get your hands over the best type of air compressor for the garage.



  • Noise-free
  • Light-weight
  • Work for 3000 hours before it needs any maintenance
  • Foot pedal made out of plastic
  • Gets hot very quickly


8- Sun Joe IONAIR

Sun Joe IONAIR 40V Cordless 1.6-Gallon Air Compressor w/Inflator Accessories, Kit (w/4.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)

Sun Joe’s air compressor is best known to work for car and bicycle tires but you can also use it for cleaning debris and blowing out power holes.

Additionally, it works great for car tires offering great power up to 115 PSI.

This is an entire kit with all the tools you need at home. It includes Teflon tape, blowgun, tapered inflation needle, pin inflation needle, tire gauge, and rubber blow gun nozzle.

All of these accessories make it suitable for a variety of tasks.

Since it’s portable just charge the battery and keep it in your car trunk.

Furthermore, Sun Joe has a rechargeable motor that comes with a long hose wire. This motor gives 40V immense power. However, in case of any emergency, all you need to do is do is pull out the lifesaver (Sun Joe air compressor). This also means you can take it to a campsite.

Thus, it’s the best air compressor for the garage as well as outdoor needs.

The setup is super easy to start with as well. And for further convenience, there is a handle that you can easily hang anywhere.

It also has a 2 years easy claimable warranty. When we combine all of its remarkable features, it makes up the best air compressor for a Garage.



  • Portable
  • affordable
  • Good quality
  • The Air tank is small
  • Consumes time to get back on pressure if it stops in the middle


9- Metabo HPT Air Compressor

Metabo HPT Air Compressor, Ultra-Quiet 59 dB, Portable, Oil-Free Pump, 1-Gallon Tank Capacity, Steel Roll Cage w/ Rubber Grip, Compact and Lightweight, 1-Year Warranty, (EC28M)

Are you looking for the best air compressor for a home garage that won’t cost you a fortune? Well, the Metabo HPT air compressor is the best air compressor for a garage in that case. But why should you get this one?

Because firstly, this best air compressor for home garage use is super easy to operate. The industrial gauge and regulators make it convenient to adjust and regulate the PSI air pressure.

Secondly, it comes with an ergonomic handle and a steel roll cage. Thus, the steel cage protects the compressor while the handle makes it easy for you to carry!

This makes it the best portable air compressor for garage use.

However, the industrial oil-free pump is one of the best features of this unit. That’s because the pump is not only durable but also very quiet in its working. Yes! This unit makes a minimum of 59dBs of sound. Sounds great, right?

On top of that, there’s hardly any need for maintenance. So? Another reason to call it the best air compressor for a garage.

Additionally, its 2.8 Amp induction motor is also equipped with overload protection which will automatically turn off your compressor in case it heats up too much.



  • Very affordable
  • Portable
  • Compact, noise-free construction
  • Tank capacity not good enough
  • Valves are a bit loose


10- BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo

BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit with Brad Nailer, 1-Tool (BTFP1KIT)

How does getting the best air compressor for the garage sound? Good, right? But what if we tell you that this will come in combination with a Brad nailer? Yes, that’s true!

Bostitch Air compressor is not alone here. It comes with a 2 in 1 combination of an additional Brad nailer making it one of the best air compressors for garage use.

So firstly, this best air compressor for a home garage is equipped with a 6-gallon tank that can hold up to 150 PSI pressure. Thus you can trust it to do all your furniture crafting projects with ease.

Furthermore, the best air compressor for garage use delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. This enables it to recover quickly and pump efficiently every time. On top of that, your unit will run for longer as well.

Moving on to some features of this best compressor for a garage, it works using an oil-free pump. And what does that mean? Low maintenance and overall increased durability.

Finally, the motor is so powerful that it would start up without any problem even on cold days. All thanks to the high flow regulator here, this air tool performs exceptionally well!



  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Holds pressure well
  • A bit pricey
  • A bit loud


Top Pick:

This is it! We have covered the 10 best air compressors for the garage. Can you tell us what is the best air compressor for the home garage as well as professional use?

Keeping the best size and type of air compressors for home garage use in consideration, BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor is a clear winner!

It features a big 60 Gallon, a lubricant-free unit that is designed to store a massive amount of air. For this reason, it is far better than the best 50 Gallon air compressor for the home garage.

How about I tell you that you can use it for pressure washing, spray painting, and cleaning services as well. Isn’t that impressive?

You can also carry it around for yard work using the extension cord. And thus, it is the best small and portable air compressor for a home garage.

Nonetheless, it has a 99dB noise level which might not go well with some of you. Therefore, you can always opt for ear muffs, they won’t cost you much.

But quite frankly, all air compressors have some degree of noise. So, a unit that is reliable, cost-effective, and versatile tops the list.

Lastly, the best place for buying an air compressor for the home garage is everyone’s favorite, Amazon! so, scroll up and place your order now. Happy Working!

Buying Guide

Now that we’ve talked about the most suitable choices for the best air compressors for your home garage, here’s the real deal. This is where you’d need to get a little more involved with your purchase. Why? Because not every air compressor out there will be the best for you to buy.

So how do you sort through the average ones? By following our simple guide!

We’ve made it super easy and simple for you to navigate through the choices when it comes to the best air compressor for garage use.

But while there are many things that you should be considering, the following are the most important in our eyes. They’ll save you some bucks and more importantly, your precious time as well.

CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute

When getting the best air compressor for a home garage, the thing you should consider right after the cost is the CFM value. What is this and why is it important?

Well, this value will give you an idea of the speed of your air compressor. So you can conclude that the more the CFM of your best air compressor for the garage, the more it’ll work. Subsequently, it will expel more air as the CFM value increases.

PSI or Pounds per Square Inch

The next thing to consider is the PSI value of your air compressor. This is the pressure of your best air compressor for a home garage.

So you can expect that a compressor with a greater PSI value would produce more pressure than the one with lower PSI.

Noise level

It’s a fact that an air compressor will make noise but when it comes to the best air compressor for a home garage, it shouldn’t be TOO loud.

This value is mentioned in decibels and the higher the value, the louder your air compressor will be. So before you decide on one, make sure the noise level is bearable. However, an important thing here to consider is that on each 10-decibel increase, the noise level doubles.

Thus, an increase from 70 decibels to 80 decibels will double the noise level of your compressor.

Tank capacity

Evident from the feature name, this is the maximum amount of air that your best air compressor for a home garage can use.

Usually, most air compressors that are fit for garage use come in ranges from 2-6 gallons. But the right capacity depends on your requirement. The greater the capacity, the more air your compressor will be able to hold and would last longer as well.

So if you need the compressor for extensive use, you’d need a tank with greater capacity and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of garage air compressors?

There are many benefits of getting the best air compressor for your garage. This is a must-have tool no matter what your garage size is.

But the biggest benefit is the fact that you’d be saving lots of money and time if you invest in a personal air compressor for your garage.

More importantly, the uses are extensive. From supporting all the air-powered tools to taking care of the inflating work in the garage, this unit is ideal. You can easily power all your garage tools and do the jobs yourself.

What size air compressor do I need for my garage?

If you’re looking for the best-sized air compressor for your home garage, there are 2 things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, the usage and secondly, the type of compressor you want. However, the ideal compressor size for a home garage can range between 2.6 gallons to about 20 gallons. The value can vary but this range should be good enough.

How many CFM of air compressors do I need?

This value depends on your usage. So if you need your air compressor for general use with air tools, 0-5 CFM is enough.

But in case you have many attachments and requirements or want your air compressor to run for a longer time, values will increase. Typically, you’d need 10 CFM for larger tools and jobs.

Is a higher CFM a better air compressor?

Like all other things, CFM depends on your requirements. Since CFM describes the speed and volume of air expelled, a greater value would mean more of both.

A greater CFM value however would be better for air compressors that need to work more. So for heavier air tools and applications, a higher CFM air compressor would be suitable.


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